Mabou in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, offers a variety of outdoor activities. Hiking trails like the Mabou Highlands Trail and the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail are great for exploring the scenic views of the area. You can also enjoy fishing in nearby rivers and lakes, or kayaking and canoeing in the Mabou River. For beach lovers, West Mabou Beach Provincial Park is a great spot for swimming and relaxing. Golfers can tee off at the renowned Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs courses. And if you’re interested in cultural activities, attending a local Celtic music performance or visiting the nearby Celtic Music Interpretive Centre can be a memorable experience.

Cape Mabou Highlands Hiking Trails 

Celtic Shores – Biking | Walking | Running

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Top hikes in Cape Breton

Cabot Cliffs Golf Course



Located on the western coast of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, our little spot is known for its picturesque beaches and stunning scenery. Some of the beaches in Mabou include West Mabou Beach Provincial Park, which features a long sandy beach and great swimming, and Port Hood Beach, which offers panoramic views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and is a popular spot for surfing and kiteboarding. In addition, Inverness Beach is just a short drive away and is one of the most popular beaches on the island, offering soft sand and rolling waves.


West Mabou Beach

Inverness Beach

Port Hood Beach




This beautiful area is known for its delicious seafood and local cuisine. One of the most popular restaurants in the area is the Red Shoe Pub, known for its live music, pub fare, and fresh seafood dishes. For those looking for a fine dining experience, The Dancing Goat Café & Bakery offers a selection of gourmet dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Other options include the Mabou River Inn Restaurant, serving up traditional Nova Scotian dishes.  

The Red Shoe Pub – Mabou

Whits Public House – Inverness

Glenora Distillery – Inverness

The Annex – Inverness

Mabour River Inn  



We’re proud of our heritage in Mabou. With a vibrant traditional Celtic music scene, with live performances held at local venues like the Red Shoe Pub and Mabou Community Hall, you can see our pride on display.  Visitors can explore local history and culture by visiting the Mabou Gaelic and Historical Society Museum or taking a guided tour of the area’s historic churches. In addition, seasonal events like the Mabou Farmers Market and Celtic Colours International Festival provide opportunities to sample local food and drink while enjoying live music and cultural performances.


Mabou Farmers Market

The Red Shoe Pub

Inverness County Center for the Arts

Celtic Music Interpretive Center

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A popular destination for square dancing enthusiasts. The area hosts various square dancing options, including weekly dances at the West Mabou Hall, with live music provided by local fiddlers and pianists. The dances are open to people of all ages and skill levels, with experienced callers guiding the dances. Additionally, there are several annual events, including the Mabou Ceilidh Days in August, which features workshops, concerts, and of course, square dancing. The town is also home to the Strathspey Place Performing Arts Centre, which hosts regular square dancing events throughout the year.


Traditional Square dancing around Mabou





Mabou offers a variety of shopping options for visitors and locals alike. The Mabou Farmers Market is a popular destination, where visitors can find fresh produce, homemade baked goods, and locally-made crafts.  The Mabou Freshmart grocery store offers a range of everyday items, while the Nest Gift Shop has a selection of souvenirs and gifts, including books, jewelry, and clothing. Overall, the shopping options in Mabou offer a unique and authentic taste of Cape Breton’s culture and craftsmanship.

Clothing and Gym

Mabou Farmer’s Market

Photography – Cape Breton Gallery

Groceries/Alcohol – Mabou Freshmart

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Other Attractions in Mabou

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Mabou, Cape Breton offers diverse attractions for travelers. Bird watching, stargazing, museums, and picnicking are popular activities. Visitors can also explore the Mabou Harbour Lighthouse or St. Marys Parish, try fishing or hiking, and socialize in local pubs and restaurants.

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The History of Mabou

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The town’s history is a unique blend of Gaelic and Acadian cultures, with settlers arriving in the 19th century from Scotland, Ireland, and France. Today, Mabou remains a vibrant community that celebrates its heritage through music, dance, and storytelling.

Visitors to Mabou can experience this rich culture firsthand and learn about the town’s history through its many museums and cultural attractions.

Woman on sailboat Mabou Harbour

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Mabou is on the western, sunset side of Cape Breton Island. It is approximately 65 km from the Canso Causeway along route 19 highway. The Northeast Cove is at 355 Mabou Harbour Road, Mabou, Nova Scotia.

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